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Last Modified: Saturday August 02, 1997, 3 PM South Australian Time.

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On-line OUT-LINE






This is divided into 1. Articles available on the Internet 2. On-Line magazines (zines) and hypertext publishers 3. Books and journals 4. Webbers at universities

  1. Contemporary Philosophy, Critical Theory and Postmodern Thought
  2. The Media and Communication Studies Site (University of Wales at Aberystweyth )
  3. Cultural Studies and Postmodernism (John Hopkins University , Baltimore Maryland)
  4. cultural Studies and Critical Theory Carnegie Mellon
  5. Postmodernism:From Nihilism to Utopia ( Augustana College) With many links, especially to current developments and people involved in hypertext.
  6. Postmodernism, Interactivity, Cyberculture and Art (Duke University) including Ethics and the Internet, a course taught by Wendy Robinson.
  7. Voice of the Shuttle: Literary Theory

Tom Goldpaughs page lists many linkable Journals and Zines with explainations . His links to theoreticians will please any researcher. Goldpaugh does not present any independent research or theories but his site is an excellent starting point for any research that involves what folks are doing on the internet with literature.