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A BIT ABOUT MY SELF is name Ed, I'm a workaholic (prefer shift work-which I do), I work in

Burlington Ont. Canada , at Sun Chemical International, (We manufacture printing

Ink's for news papers & magazines), I'm a cold-set operator, ( I make the

newspaper ink ). I've been employed there 3 yrs.

I'm married to my wife Brenda, 3yrs now, we have 5 kids - Chris 14yrs -

Bart 12yrs - Jackie 10yrs - Andrew 7yrs - Brian 1 1/2 yrs.

We Live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.... the North End of town.

My hobbies are computers, reading mag's, tattoo's , some TV, unicorns ,

fishing and CB Radio's.

My wifes hobbies are Aerosmith (the rock group), she's a groopie, TV, Kids

& taking care of animals.

I'm related to Tattoocheech (Cousin) , Betty & Sonny (Sonny is my

uncle) , LuLu & Barb (Mother & Sister). Hope you enjoy my site and be free to

stick any comments or email in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

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