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Brat's Place

Welcome toBrat's Place. I'm glad you came and feel free to look around. Send me some mail, and I'll talk to ya later.

I also want to send a very special

"Thank You" to James (Tricky) for all his help in altering this page. He's taught me alot, and I am forever grateful.

My Friends On Line

Pyneapl - My sister

A C - A great vp friend that found me

Midnite Wind - Another good vp friend

Kibble - Agood friend who's not on vp yet

Tricky Dick - My best vp friend - who's changed the way I look at computers.

Makaveli - A friend I met on vp, and a pretty cool kid

Wireless - A friend I met on icq who has the same name as my cousin

Juliet - Another one of the first friends I met on vp

The Pretender - A vp friend I don't hear enough from

Spiro - A vp friend I met at Campaign Headquarters

Sametime - One of my newest friends on vp

Gin - Sametime's mate and my vp friend

Mastertech 0 - My brother

Kim - My friend, and fellow poet in the Upper Peninsula.

Annie - A new ICQ buddy, and also a co-worker

My Favorite Places

Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages
DigitSmith, Inc. - Embroidery Digitizing & Custom Embroidery Services
Frog's Chrono Trigger Home Page
Download Virtual Places
Vote for Tricky
Brat's Other Page
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More Red Wings Pic's
****Check out some of my poetry
and e-mail me if you want
some of yours published here****

Brat's Red Wings Pic's

Come Meet My VP Kids

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