ICQ 99 Tools
Hidden IP unhider Ip Unhider + bypasses authorization requirement when adding some users

ICQ 98 Tools

ICQ Bombers + Nukers

X-Forces ICQ Exploit ver 1.0 will exploit almost all the flaw in ICQ such as icq crash, spoof, check and sniff 320kb

ICQ Fucker will crash icq (WARNING: Its proberly a virus) 60kb

ICKiLLeR v0.9 WARNING: Its properly a trojan horse - REMOVED 420kb

ICQ Flooder v1.1 fast Win95 ICQ Flooder 21kb

ICQZAP ICQ Flooder for DOS 20kb

DiViNE]I[ All in one tool, ICQ+ICR flooding, Nuking, MailBombing... 350kb

ICQ Pager Bomber Turning your Mail Bomber into a ICQ Pager Bomber 3kb

ICQ Revenge v1.0 nice ICQ Pager Bomber for Win95 8kb

ICnewQ v3.0 Beta4 another Win95 ICQ Bomber, Spoofer, Killer  202kb

ICnewQ v1.5 Bombing, Nuking, Horn Flood 26kb

ICQ Bomber 98 Beta 2 ICQ Meassage Bomber 156kb

ICQ Snoofer *very* good Contact List ICQ Crash Prog. 2730kb

ICQ Chat Tools

XiCQ v1.09 Chat Tool, Scroller, Macros, Bombs etc. 99kb

icqChatFlooder v.1.0.1 Chatflooder, Horn+Text Flood 12kb

ICQ IP Stuff

ICQ IP Sniffer Get a hidden IP (very usefuhl) 85kb

Hide your own IP short Guide to spoof your own IP, others cant flood. 2kb

ICQ Port Sniff v1.0 will return the port that ICQ is running on a remote IP 6kb

IP Unhider patch unhide the IP-numbers of everyone in your contact list 6kb

ICQ98_IP_Detect text file, get _all_ hidden IP's 2kb

IP Unmasker this crack unmasks all hidden ip's 6kb

ICQ Crack another IP unmasker 56kb

Password Stealing

ISoaQ v0.03 will show you your Password (works with ICQ 98 DLL v1.30) 158kb

ICQ Password Crack will show you your Password (works with ICQ 98 DLL v1.26) 5kb

Password Sniffer ICQ Password Sniffer C Source Code for Linux 4kb

ICQ Hijaak v1C C Source Code for ICQ Password Hijacking 10kb

ICQ Protection

Bomb Protection System v2.0 Done by Warforge. 133kb

ICQ DeFlooder will remove all unansered messages from your List 34kb

ICQBombsqd Clean your Contact List 9kb

ICQ Swat Bomb Deletion Program 100kb

Bomb/Hacker Ulility ProtectorWhen people try to scan your computer it will show 14 connected Ports 344kb

ICKiller Patch Will fix the ICKiller tool 1kb

Trojan Scan v1.0 Scan for installed ICQ Trojan Horses 241kb

Other Stooff

ICQ Hacker v0.1cICQ Hack BETA (netbus phony but Hacks ICQ directorys and Contact List) 124kb

ICQ TrogenTrojan Horse, log in to a remote comp, u can upload/download/exec/list files 37kb

ICQ Crack add users to your Contact list without their authorization-if they requireauthorization 4kb

ICQ Move v0.1 save + copy UIN specific stuff (like the notify list, message history etc.) 12kb

ICQ Spoof send messages with spoofed UIN's (for DOS) 7kb

ICQ Backup make a backup of your contact list !NEW! 34kb

ICQBuster another authorization crack 1kb

ISoaQ v0.03 all in one crack: ip unmask, password stealing, authorization ! 158kb

Multi ICQ allow Clones for your ICQ 100kb

Dark ICQ show invisible oline chuddichs 138kb

Files needed Here you'll find all DLL's etc. you need to run the toolz - Done by AntiOnline!

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