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Well.. sure I put this site together, but I couldn't have done it all on my own. I got some very important people who deserve credit for this Website too.

Thank you to Angelfire, the proud host of this page since 1998. A lot of providers would charge me for all this, but Angelfire is kind enough to let me have it for free.

Thank you Hotmail for giving me my email since 1996. After all, I did need an email address to sign on for a webpage!

Thank you to all my animated gif donars. and

Thanks to L-PAGE for the free guestbook.. otherwise I'd never know who's been coming to see me..

And last, but certainly not least.. a huge thank you to Mike McCormick, Chris Patterson and Trevor Strong, the Arrogant Worms themselves. They've given me tons of positive feedback, friendly mail, help with the lyrics I missed, new pics to add to the site.. and most importantly, the musical inspiration that brought this Tribute site about to begin with. Thanks Worms! I love you guys!