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I know you can find a lot of worm pics on their site, and on other fan sites out there. But you won't find these ones. I should I know? Well, I took them myself, that's how. (Except the hoito one, which was taken my a bud of mine) All of these pics are from a concert the Arrogant Worms did in Thunder Bay, Ontario in Spetember of 200o. These photos were taken during the concert, and at the bar afterwards. The Worms were very kind to me, and I got to hang out with them most of the night. Chris Patterson even gave me his beer mug, which I still treasure. Trevor gave me a hug, which I also treasure. So unless some loser out their has stolen these pictures and posted them as their own, please enjoy these original wormy pics for the first time.

Chris Patterson singing onstage

Chris and Trevor

Chris and Trevor again

The Worms outside the Hoito restaurant in Thunder Bay

Chris Patterson logging into you

Mike singing at the bar afterparty

Mike singing while drinking beer

A beautiful rendition of "My Way"

Mike McCormick and a friend of mine

And finally, my favourite pictures:

Chris and Me

Trevor and Me

Mike and Me

The Worms, Me, and a bud of mine