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Way back in 1979, Jessie came into being. It was a mistake, but that's okay. Everyone makes mistakes.

Jessie likes weird TV. Like "Lexx" (a Canadian-German sci-fi sex comedy) and "Fawlty Towers" (British comedy starring John Cleese) and "Red Dwarf" (British Sci-Fi comedy) and "M*A*S*H" (if you don't know that one you suck)

Jessie enjoys different kinds of music. She admires the talent of Jefferson Airplane, the fun funk of Smashmouth, the oddity of the B-52s, the coolness of Weird Al Yankovic, and most especially the amazing ARROGANT WORMS.

She has a lightning bolt tattoo on her belly, and likes to dress like a hippie. Jessie isn't a redhead but she wants to be. She also wishes she had an accent. A strange one.

Once Jessie went to an Arrogant Worms concert and sat in the front row. She yelled a lot and then went to a bar. The Worms were there too. Wow!

Jessie is afraid of the dentist. She is also afraid of mimes. She thought that "Rocky Horror Picture Show" was the best movie ever, and that "Lost In Space" was a highly nifty series.

Jessie plays the flute. She wishes she could sing and dance but she can't. She can ride a horse though, and she can cook really awesome.

Jessie is a vegetarian. But not a mean one.

Although Jessie spent 22 years in Ontario, her place of birth, she is currently in Wisconsin, due to the fact that she married an American.

It's okay. He likes the Worms too.