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So. You like.. think you're a cool Canadian, eh? Well.. here's a chance to test your skills guys. What follows are twenty questions about basic Canadian history. See how much you really do know.

1. Which of the following slogans is associated with our Constitution?

(A) Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

(B) Peace, order and good government

(C) Liberty, equality, fraternity

2. In which province can you find a provincial park famous for its deposits of dinosaur bones?

3. Which Canadian prime minister sought the advice of his dead mother and dog?

4. Who was this country's only woman Prime Minister?

(A) Audrey McLaughlin

(B) Jeanne Sauve

(C) Kim Campbell

(D) Flora MacDonald

5. Which river is Canada's longest?

(A) Mackenzie

(B) St. Lawrence

(C) Fraser

(D) Saskatchewan

6. Which hockey team has won more Stanley Cups than any other?

7. What is the highest honour that Canada gives its citizens for outstanding achievements and service to their country or humanity at large?

8. Who coined the phrases "The global villiage" and "The medium is the message?"

9. Which province was the first to introduce medicare?

10. Which one of the following statements is true? Sir Louis-Hyppolyte Lafontaine and Robert Baldwin...

(A) were the first Europenas to see the Rocky Mountains

(B) were French and British military commanders

(C) formed an alliance of Upper and Lower Canada

11. Which of the following Canadian politicians could be called the last Father of Confederation?

(A) Lucien Bouchard

(B) Pierre Elliott Trudeau

(C) Joey Smallwood

(D) Tommy Douglas

12. What major event happened in Winnipeg in 1919?

(A) A general strike

(B) The Red River Rebellion

(C) A great flood

(D) The first Stanley Cup hockey game

13. In 1992 Roberta Bondar became the first Canadian woman to...

(A) play in the National Hockey League

(B) be launched into outer space

(C) win an Oscar for best actress

(D) become president of General Motors of Canada

14. Who composed our national anthem?

(A) Sir John A. Macdonald

(B) Calaxia Lavalee

(C) Robert Charlebois

(D) Gordon Lightfoot

15. Who invented the first practical and commercially successful snowmobile?

16. Which of the following people are Canadian?

(A) Hockey player Chris Chelios

(B) Country Singer Shania Twain

(C) Actor Candice Bergen

(D) Race-car driver Jaques Villeneuve

(E) Actor Michael J. Fox

(F) Actor Jim Carrey

17. In 1980, who set out to run across Canada to raise money to fight cancer?

18. What is the name of the new territory that was created in Canada's north in 1999?

19. What famous schooner, commemerated on the ten-cent coin, was built in Nova Scotia in 1921?

(A) Flying Dutchman

(B) Titanic

(C) Bluenose

(D) La Grande Hermine

20. On what day do Canadians honour those who served in wartime?

And now.. see how you did. THE ANSWERS