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This album is hard to find, folks.. but it's well worth the efforts when you finally gets your hands on it. These songs are.. well.. kinda sick. It's a holiday album that just kicks Christmas right in the teeth. Naturally, I love it!

Santa's Gonna Kick Your Ass

Since when did Snata get so mean? Smeg.. when I was little he was a jolly old man..

The Christmas Song

I love this song. Simple, and the tune is very lovely. The lyrics on the other hand are mega-sick!

Santa Got Arrested

Poor Santa. He didn't mean any harm! I'd put up bail for him if I had more money.

Christmas Sucks

I agree. Sometimes Christmas is just a big pain in the ass. Why do holidays make people go crazy?

Things Are Looking Bad For Santa

I think Santa should get a new job. He can be partners with Dan the Insurance Salesman.

Christmas Turkey Blues

This song is my fave on this album. I'm proud to say I do my part for this little fella by not eating meat.

Oh God, I'm Santa Claus

This song disturbs me. That's all I have to say.

Christmas Is Almost Here

Poor guy needs a stress pill. Or to just kill his kids and solve the stress problem.

Dad Threw Up On Christmas Day

My dad never gets this drunk on Christmas, and I'm darned glad.

The Same Christmas Cake

I don't like fruitcake. My mom tries to make me try some every year because she says maybe my tastebuds will "mature". The only way I'll like fruitcale is if my tastebuds mature and DIE.


I don't have too much beef on this song. But I enjoy it.

Christmas Blues

Everybody's blue-ish.. doesn't Christmas make anyone orange?

Christmas Hangover

I guess this is what happens when you party a little TOO hard.

Vincent The Christmas Virus

Maybe my favourite song on the album. it's definately the most joyful, anyway.

Christmas In Ignace

I drove through Ignace once. That's about it.