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The Worm's second masterpiece.. some of my faves on here are Rippy, Killer Robots, and Tokyo.. but ah.. I'm afraid I don't have much tastes to the Hair and Having Fun. When I travelled around the maritimes, I actually passed a lot of weird cities as mentioned in "Night on Dildo".. Canada is just fun like that.

Tokyo Love Song

Very funny, very peppey. Very sad.

Carrot Juice Is Murder

I'm a vegetarian, so I guess this song doesn't like me.

Rippy The Gator

My husband adores this song. He wants to teach it to little kids.

Killer Robots From Venus

These robots are so cute. I'd love to have them as my neighbours!

Having Fun Is Bad For You

Not a bad song. It just goes on too long.

The Fishing Song

I don't go fishing. I like fish. I think they're cute.

William Shakespeare's In My Cat

Is this guy nuts, or what?

A Night On Dildo

My favourite on the album. I would be cool to live on Dildo.

The Last Sensitive Cowboy

Is the cowboy gay? Not that there's anything wrong with that... I was just wondering.

Losing Hair Under God

Sorry. This song annoys me.

Big Fat Road Manager

Fabulous. I loved hearing them do this one live in concert.