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This is, in my opinion anyway, the bestest Arrogant Worms CD yet. And you know why? BANTERING!! It's very funnny, and the announcer just reminds me so much like Clive Anderson. The Worms sounds like they were having a lot of fun with this one, and it's great to listen to.

Jesus' Brother Bob

I feel a great amount of pity for Bob. Sure, he was left in the dark a lot.. but hey.. at least he wasn't crusified.

The Mountie Song

I like the idea of getting a tank from Walmart. I have a THING against Walmart. Yeah.. that's right. A -thing-.

Canada's Really Big

Canada may be big.. but I think most of it is rocks and ice. Well.. I guess that still counts, doesn't it?

Me Like Hockey

When my dad and his friends watch hockey they do turn into Cavemen. Cavemen didn't have beer. Lucky Cavewomen.

Proud To Be Canadian

This would make a beautiful national anthem.. our current one's too short and unjazzy.


He scares me.

The Ballad of Dan

I think Dan's kind of cheap. And if he wants to look good, he should drive a nicer car. Come on, Dan, make an impression!

TV Weather Guy

I think this man's done pretty well for himself. Dan should take advice form him.

Carfull Of Pain

This version got cleaned up a little, but it's still hilarious.

Mounted Animal Nature Trail

Is this place really really a real real place? Really? If so, whose sick idea was it? And where can I buy a ticket?

Carrot Juice Is Murder

I'm so ashamed. *sniff*

Last Saskatchewan Pirate

My favourite Worm song. I wanna go pillaging and plundering now..