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The third Wormy album, and the first one to star the wonderful and much adored Chris Patterson. My favourite song on this one is "Dangerous".. poor Trevor must have burst a lung on that last note!

Sam, The Guy From Quincy

I finally caught an episode of Quincy not too long ago. Some jockey got killed and Sam did a DNA test on a horseshoe. That guy -was- pretty smart.

Kill The Dog Next Door

Oh God, the first time I heard this one was with a discman on a bus.. I laughed like crazy, and since no one else could hear it, I got many strange looks. A big dog lives three houses down from me and never shuts up. I'd like to play this song for his owners.

Lonely Lab of Broken Hearts

Good song! Very funny! Kinda long though.. of course, I've always hated country music.

Sex, Drugs and RRSPs

This was the first song I wrote to Chris to ask about the lyriccs. For the life of me I could not get "driving --- cars". He told me, but I still can't hear it. Maybe I'm getting old. Thanks again, Chris.

History is Made By Stupid People

I never realized it before. But dammit, they're right.

My Voice Is Changing

I'm not a guy. I never went through this. Ha ha!

Proud To Be a Banker

Ah, I really have nothing against bankers. I guess that's because I haven't yet tried to take out a loan.


My English teacher once told me this was the worst kind of car ever made. In fact, he called it "a deathtrap"..

The Happy Birthday Song

Way to spread the cheer, guys.


My fave one of this particular album. It inspires me to go out an do great deeds for my love. I might break a nail though, so I won't.

The Mountie Song

I love the banter in this song. However, most of what's said is lost on me. Something about peeing when your horse does?!

Dogfood Woman

This man, whoever he may be, needs to go out into the world and get a real life. Eating that much dogfood can't be good for your bowels.

Mounted Animal Nature Trail

I WANT TO GO THERE. Oh, mama, I SO want to go there!

A Real Letter From A Real Yahoo

Bill Macy from Florida is a real dickhead.

Let There Be Guns

I think this should be suggested as the new American National Anthem. It's way too suitable. School children can sing it every morning before they shoot each other.