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This is the first album the Worms put out.. so naturally, it's self-titled. This one is great.. very natural, simple, and completely unsensored.

The Last Saskatchewan Pirate

This is one of my very favourite songs ever. In fact, we modelled our whole own crew after its lyrics.

The Credit Song

This song makes me laugh my butt off.. I'm one of those people who are very careful with money and deathly afraid of getting student lones. I think this song is attempting to change my mind.

Let's Go Bowling

I DID get a bowling coupon from a Juice Can! I remember that so well! Those metal lids on Minute Maid frozen juice containers.. they had free shoe rentals from Galaxy Lanes! I washed it off and used it too.. did the Worms do that too?!

Goin' Hunting

This sounds like some of my dad's friends. Spooky.

Don't Go Into Politics

You know, I never made those connections before. This is a very well kept conspiracy.. I'm glad someone brought it into light. Does this mean Mike Harris will die soon? Oh, I hope, I hope..

No Sale/No Store

I wanna go! I don't know what I'd buy, but I wanna go!

The Canadian Crisis Song

This brings me back to the good old days before GST. *sniff*

The Ballad of Dan

Okay.. maybe I'm a bit of a snob, Dan, but a thousand bucks is a lousy payment for loosing your arm.

Jesus' Brother Bob

Love it! I'm not a religious buff myself, but I adore this song..

I Want To Look Like Arnold

It's just mean. Poor guy.

Car Full Of Pain

I first heard the Live Bait version of this song. You can imagine my surprise when it actually wasn't censored. You know what word I mean.

The Christmas Song

This one deserves to be on two albums. It's funny as smeg.. and rather like my own family at times. Did I say "at times"? I meant to say every day.