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Here I have posted several backgrounds that relate to Disney's The Little Mermaid which I have collected from various places in the internet. I do not know who made them, so please assume that these images are copyrightd for non-commercial use. Please click on the background to see what it would look like on your desktop or website and what colors of text will go with it.
Note:If you use any of the below backgrounds for your webpage, please email me and give me your URL! I'm putting together a links page, and I'd love to add YOUR Mermaid page! I would also be very thankful if you would link to my site on your page. Thank you, and have fun with the backgrounds I have presented for you! (The newest editions are posted at the top)

NOTE: The next seven backgrounds posted here were made by Disney Designs so if you use any of them, please link back to Disney Designs. Thanks!

I designed the background below.