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Hybridizing the Adenium

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Pollination of the desert rose

The pollination of the desert rose is performed by the transferring of pollen from one plant to the stigmas of another. Most adeniums are self-infertile. This means that they do not accept their own pollen and seedpods only form when pollen of an unrelated plant is available at time of stigma receptivity. The pollen is shed usually in the morning, and sometimes in the evenings just about sunset. The stigmas are receptive almost during the whole day. The goal is to get fresh pollen to enter the chamber where the stigmas rest and attach the pollen grains just under the stigmatic cap. A fine cat whisker or toothpick or very thin stem of a plant will work fine. Swab the pollen over the entire surface and insert this fine tool into the openings of the stigmatic chamber. Pollination should occur in a few days with some signs of progress by the end of the week.