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Gallery of Adenium Cultivars

Adenium "Grumbley's White"

An easily grown form of the white flowered Adenium obesum with glossy leathery green leaves and ease of flowering. Flowers average about 3 cm across with a greenish throat. Quite floriferous with trusses of 5-7 blooms and buds simultaneously.



Adenium "Sunset"

A beautiful selection from a cross between Adenium "Highland Red" by Ad. obesum "Bold." A good growing form that branches naturally, even from the base. A characteristic from the Highland Red parent. This particular selection has a bright orange suffusion in its throat that seems to overflow into the outer corolla. Flowers average about 5 cm across and have a distinct star-shaped corolla. Used in breeding to increase orange and coral shades in adeniums. Blooms almost constantly throughout the year.



Adenium "Calypso"

A selection from Adenium obesum by swazicum bred in Florida. It bears deep magenta red flowers about 4 cm across with foliage similar to its Ad. swazicum parent. A good blooming plant and always an eye-catcher. I have found some variations from cutting selections whether this is from different stock plants or the same sporting new colors, it is unknown at this writing. but it has passed on its dark magenta flowers onto its progeny. A better grower than either of its parents, Calypso will remain a very desirable plant by itself.



Adenium "Pompadour"

A selection from Thailand with flowers over 10 cm across. Unfortunately it is not as floriferous as I would like it to be. Head counts range from 3-7 and average about 4-5 at a time. Seed pods are enormous! They get so huge, that they hang down like elephant tusks. The growth is very vigorous from rooted cuttings, many plants have developed large caudexes already in its first year. By looking at a plant, it will be difficult to determine that this was a cutting or a seedling. It is used in breeding for larger flowers. Unfortunately, the darker red edged is also a dominant trait and is also passed down to its offspring. In other words, they appear to be lighter in the center and always have a red edge. Breeding with solid reds will determine whether this is a desirable clone used in breeding or just another pretty but useless clone. Nonetheless, its size always get attention.



Adenium "Swazbo"

A cross of Adenium swazicum by boehmianum. The foliage is somewhat closer to Ad. swazicum but the flowers are split between the two. This hybrid is just slightly better growing than either parent and does not really bloom that much either. This may be just because this is still a seedling with early blooms. The darker purple throat is a definite dominant trait and so are the broader leaves. It is with high hopes that solid dark purples can be produced. Time will tell and as better clones of either are found and crossed, we will someday get solid purples in adeniums.



Adenium "Ruffles"

A selection from Adenium obesum by "Mombasa" form. Flowers have rich red edges ruffled and crinkled. It will be desirable to have ruffled edged flowers in other colors and shades. Each flower measures about 5 cm across and are produced in bunches all over the tips of each branch.


Adenium "Lipstick"

A selection from unknown parentage with large reddish flowers with long tubes. Each flower measures about 5 cm across with tubes a bit longer than the diameter of the flower. A good bloomer with showy bright flowers in bunches. Seed pods are also peculiar in its size being rather large and tend to be low hanging. A beautiful flower used in breeding floriferousness.



Adenium "Variegata" Hilo Beauty

A variegated clone from the Big Island of Hawaii. The flowers aren't worth mentioning but have produced variegated offspring when crossed to non-variegated plants. See below.

The two shots are a bit overexposed, but will be replaced as better shots are available. The photo on the left is the Hilo Beauty with distinctive pretty leaves. But note the variegation on the seedlings (right photo) on the plant in front center. These were crossed to a dark red (just for fun!). More later as they develop and bloom. This seed lot produced about seven variegated seedlings so far. The parent will also be used again in breeding with better flowered strains and cultivars.


Adenium "Variegata" #2

A variegated clone from a seedling selection. Beautiful pink flowers and lovely white and green foliage.

Adenium VariGold

A new gold variegated cultivar to the variegated cultivars. Flowers are a pale pink. A better bloomer than the previous clone.

Adenium Weiss Red (Dark Ruby)

A beautiful solid dark red. Probably the best red to date. It has proven itself as a useful breeder and many solid and novelty reds have been produced from this clone. We will definitely see more of this in the very near future. Anything with this name in its parentage will be worth the purchase! Only excellent things have arisen from this grex.


Adenium "Tom Thumb"

A miniature flowered hybrid with small 2 cm flowers hot pink with a bright yellow center. Leaves are small, shiny and form above tall growing stems. I feel that this si also a good source for yellows, as the yellow coloration is very distinct and tends to be dominant in its offspring. Unfortunately the miniature characteristic is recessive, with less than 25% of the offspring becoming miniature flowered. "Tom Thumb," will definitely be around, as more potential is possible with this cultivar.


Adenium "Red Star"

This new hybrid shows what inbreeding for dark clear reds can do. This hybrid compromises a shorter branchier habit with caudex development and dark red color. It is in this line that larger dark reds can be produced. While most of the large flowered clones remain in the pink shades, new directions in breeding will some day create solid dark red flowers measuring up to the largest pink hybrids.