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In this section, I am going to make a list of questions that some readers can hopefully answer. Many changes were made to the Thunderbolts as the 3 groups were built, sometimes even in the middle of a particular group. I am trying to sort out how many came like this, how many were equipped with that, those sort of things. Any help is greatly appreciated and will reward the person answering with free "track food" anytime they are at National Trail Raceway!

Question 1: How many Thunderbolts actually came with a fiberglass front bumper? I know it's more than just the first 11. Could the first 50 have had them? I have photos of cars in the 20s, 30s, and 40s with them. I'm trying to figure out which car was the first one built with the aluminum bumper. (Not that I have a particular interest in that car, it just answers the question)

Question 2: How many cars came with fiberglass doors? I'm sure the first 11 did, but did any of the last 89?

Question 3: Who was killed in the Bob Ford automatic car? I know Paul Harvey drove it at first, but he was not the one driving when the car was wrecked. I'm not even sure when it was wrecked- '64 or later?

Question 4: Were Rader wheels an option on the cars, or did the teams just like to put them on?

Question 5: DOES ANYONE OUT THERE HAVE AN EARLY HOOD FOR THE THUNDERBOLTS? I want one of the "cloverleaf" hoods!!