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Trip Wires

The Viet Cong used trip wires as yet another ingenius fighting tactic. Trip Wires were wires that triggered an object to 'attack'. They were used in many different ways.

Non-Explosive Trip Wires

These trip wires could be strung between two trees or laid across a path. Either way, the wire tripped a non-explosive weapon that inflicted severe injuries on the victim. The wire could trip a heavy swinging ball covered in spikes to fall from a tree and hit the victim usually in the upper body or chest. It could trip a bow whose string had been stretched to release a poison-tipped arrow. No matter how or what the wire tripped, these inventions were intricately made and carefully placed to hit the target just right.

Explosive Trip Wires

Trip wires could also trigger an explosion. These could also be strung between trees or stretched across a path. The most common explosive trip wire was connected to grenades. When the wire was crossed, it tripped the grenades to explode. The grenades were covered with bamboo or a tin can or any object that could protect the safety lever from releasing after the pin had been pulled. VC also created chains of grenades, commonly called 'daisy chains' that were set up in fields. When tripped, the first grenade would explode causing a chain reaction and the explosions of all the attached grenades.