The Greatest Rivalry in Sports
Red Sox vs. Yankees

A Timeline of Events

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The Boston Red Sox (as the Boston Americans) first played the New York Yankees (then the Baltimore Orioles) on April 26, 1901. (Baltimore won 10-6.) It has been a rivalry ever since and history favors the Yankees:

April 20, 1912
Fenway Park opens with the Red Sox beating the New York Highlanders (Yankees) 7-6.

Sept. 11, 1918
Boston beats the Chicago Cubs, four games to two, and wins the last of its five World Series titles.

Jan. 3, 1920
Red Sox owner Harry Frazee sells George Herman "Babe" Ruth's contract to Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert for $125,000 and a $350,000 loan. Ruth becomes the greatest player in history and the Red Sox don't break .500 for a decade.

April 18, 1923
New York wins its inaugural game in Yankee Stadium by beating Boston 4-1. It becomes "The House that Ruth Built."

Oct. 15, 1923
The Yankees beat the New York Giants four games to two and win the first of their 26 World Series titles.

Oct. 8, 1927
The Yankees sweep the Pittsburgh Pirates in the Series four games to none, capping a banner year. Ruth hits 60 home runs. The Red Sox lose 103 games.

The 1940s
The two purest hitters in baseball, Joe DiMaggio (New York) and Ted Williams (Boston), dominate play.

Oct. 2, 1949
The Red Sox and the Yankees battle for the pennant in the last two games of the season. New York wins both games (5-4, 5-3) and goes on to beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in the World Series four games to one.

Oct. 2, 1978
The Yankees and Red Sox, tied for first at the end of the regular season, meet in a one-game playoff. Bucky Dent helps end Boston's postseason hopes with a three-run home run. New York wins 5-4.

Oct. 13, 1999
New York and Boston meet for the first time in postseason play. New York prevails four games to one.

Oct. 8, 2003
New York and Boston meet in postseason play for the second time. New York wins 6-5 in Game 7.

Feb. 16, 2004
The New York Yankees trade for Alex Rodriguez. Boston was trying reach a deal for A-Rod two months earlier.

Among the players who have swapped uniforms over the years: Former Boston third baseman Wade Boggs (1993) and pitcher Roger Clemens (1999) donned New York pinstripes. Former Yankees outfielder Danny Cater (1972) and pitcher Ramiro Mendoza (2003) joined the Red Sox.

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