The Greatest Rivalry in Sports
Red Sox vs. Yankees

The Start of a Rivalry

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It all started in 1903 with the first World Seires. The Boston Red Sox, who started in 1901, defeated the Pittsburg Pirates 5 games to 3. Cy Young, the winningest pitcher of all time, lead the way for the Champion Boston Red Sox team. The Red Sox went on to win 5 of the first 15 World Seires, including in 1918. In 1919, the GM for the Boston Red Sox, Harry Frezze, traded Babe Ruth and about 10 other players away, all for money in return. He used this money to build an "all Red Sox" theatre in the heart of New York City. Today, this is concidered one of the biggest flops in sports history. The second Ruth put on his new Yankee hat, the history of babseball would change forever. Ruth, along with Lou Gehrig, would build the foundation for the Yankee team which had a poor record since their start in 1903.

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The History

Present Day


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