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Our Nascar Room

Our Nascar Page

This Page is made for my honey Sammy
Here I was never one to like Nascar,
Never wanted to watch it,
Here I am now can't live with out my nascar
Sammy had taught me to learn to love Nascar
Here I am now each weekend as Nascar comes on hooting and hallering
I have came to LOVE Nascar and watch each weekend
This is our Nascar room.
Heres to ya Sammy ur favorite racer. Dale Earnhardt JR
Hope ya enjoy this page as much as I have learned to enjoy Nascar
I love ya honey thanks for everything you have done....

This page dedicated to the man I love. Sammy

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The nascar fan in my life SAMMY

October 14, 2005

In Loving memory of Dale Sr.

Dale Earnhardt JR Paints his car for the Talladega Race on 4-30-06 in contribute to his father Dale Earnhardt Sr.