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TEAM Job Announcements

Wisconsin Heart Hospital - Full-time Echo technologist first shift with call rotation. Full time US/Vascular Technologist with call rotation. Pool positions also available for both echo and US/Vasc. For call and/or vacation fill in. Applications accepted online at Full time Echo Sonographer needed - St. Francis Hospital. The lab hours are 7 am - 5 pm with call rotated between 3 sonographers on a weekly basis. To apply go to their website at If you are interested in an opportunity to free-lance 2 days a week at a downtown Milwaukee clinic, please send a note via e-mail to: Looking for a part-time cardiac sonographer. Contact: Holly Collison, RDCS Director of Echo and Vascular Services Grand Traverse Heart Associates (231)935-5842 FYI: There has been a string of thefts of transducers in Echo and Vascular Labs in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and now WISCONSIN!!! The person knows exactly what he is looking for and usually makes his move during the lunch hour or a quiet period during the day. Remember to always secure your area.