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A Personal Tribute To Ms. Imee Marcos, Vol. 1
  "Fallin' In Love" By La Bouche (MP3 File - 3.18MB)
"Fallin' In Love"
La Bouche

Baby, baby, fallin' in love
I'm fallin' in love again

Fall in love again

Baby, baby, fallin' in love
I'm fallin' in love again
Everyday i love you more and more
Baby, baby, fallin' in love
I'm fallin' in love again


I could never see
What fate had planned for me
And then you came
And made a dream
My reality
Maybe you can't see
All the things you've lead to me
Well my simple fate is at the gate
And boy, you've got the key


Ohhh yeh

It seems like yesterday
You and i first loved this way
But now i know
How love can grow
With each and every day
As we lay at midnight hour
And feel loves hidden power
So strong and bold as life
Unfolds the mystery to me



I never dream
That my summertime
Flame could show me
How much pleasure
The winter can bring
Hooked up by the fireplace
Time i don't waste
As i love you slow
Then increase the pace
Your natural body perfume
Brightens up any room
One whiff and my spirits taken up-lift
It feels good
When your woman is your best friend
But it's better
When you fall in love again

Chorus to fade
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