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Help For Elijah

The Bone Marrow Registry
Leukemia Information

The Bone Marrow Registry
Leukemia Information

We Have Moved  our website to what we hope will be a easier  more viewable and  more enjoyable website.  We are now in a Forum where anyone who wants to can reply to the daily updates! Just sign up on the forum and  post your replies to Eli and  his mom directly under the daily updates :) I hope you enjoy this new format!  You can get there by clicking on Eli's Photo!  the same way you always got to the updates!!

Click this pic for daily updates on Eli

Please feel free to contact me with any questions my email is Thank you

Help for Elijah

Hello and welcome to Eli's webpage. I'm writing this webpage due to an urgent medical need for a very strong and courageous 12 yr old boy, His name is Elijah Florence.

Our story begins back in the summer of 2003 when Eli, while going for a routine check up physical, found out he had leukemia, AML to be exact one of the fastest growing and most lethal of all leukemias. Eli went thru months of chemo, and being hospitalized and with the help and grace of God went into remission. We enjoyed over a year of his being in remission until June 2, 2005 we found out that he had relapsed and was no longer in remission.

At this time Eli is back in the hospital undergoing Chemo again, but this time the situation is more severe. We need a bone marrow transplant within 60 days. A bone marrow transplant and donor would give him the life saving immune system he needs to save his life. For those that dont know Elijah hes a strong courageous kid. You never see him not smiling, or making jokes, except for maybe occasionally while he's playing baseball.

Eli doing one of the things he loves most playing Baseball, He was crushed to find out once again this summer he wouldnt be able to play

Our whole family was tested and unfortunatly no one was a match so we are calling out to anyone who can to please undergo this bloodtest and be tested. Its a simple blood test that will match you up and see if you're a match. Obviously the more people we get tested the better Elijah's chances are. Even if you are unable to donate or be tested for Bonemarrow we do plea that you send some prayers up for Eli and his family. Thank you and God Bless

The Website for information about bonemarrow testing is