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This poem was written for Chris, by his sister, Daniele

This world is so strange, I can't explain the pain.
To many brothers are slain and mothers smothered in pain.
It's the love that remains that makes us stronger, walk around in a daze
because we can't see them no longer.
They've been freed from the horror, fatal seeds die with honor.
For their loved ones left behind everday just gets harder.
Wish I could change this world, but can't, it's all in the hands of our Father.
So, all we can do is pray for a better tomorrow, keep the memories alive
and ride through the sorrow.
† Author: Daniele Mariconi

Christopher S. Mariconi, II's Story

Christopher S. Mariconi, II was born on 9/20/80 to Robin and Chris Mariconi and tragically ended suddenly November 7, 2003.

It started out a beautiful November day. As usual, all who knew Chris got up, went to work, school or like grandpa was home sick.

About 2:45, my husband Pete walked into my job where Daniele (Chris' sister) and I both worked and by the look of fear on his face, I knew right away something had happened to Chris. All he said, "We have to go home."

I kept asking him if it was Chris because I just knew. The worst I thought was he got hurt at work, or he had a car accident and he was hurt bad. Never in a million years did I ever think my beautiful son would have been murdered.

Chris and his girlfriend Danielle were "on a break" and my son had gone out on Saturday, November 1, 2003 and was hanging out with his friends in a club in Manhattan (we live in Westchester). A girl caught his eye, went over, and introduced herself. They spent the next couple of hours talking and made plans to see each other the following Thursday, November 6, 2003.

That day my son went to work, went to Fordham Road to get his haircut, went home showered, changed and made the trip back down to Manhattan to hang out with her.

She was a student in Manhattan studying to be a belt and handbag designer so my son went to pick her up at her off campus facility . As they left he forgot his Walkman there, he never went anywhere without it. It was like another part of his body as well as his cell phone.

They went to a pool hall a few blocks down from where she lived and for the next few hours, they played pool, had a couple of beers, talking, laughing and were just hanging out. He was going to go to the subway from there, but because he forgot his Walkman, he went back to her room and ended up hanging out with her awhile longer.

She had told him she had a crazy ex-boyfriend but I do not think in his wildest dreams he thought he was as evil as he was. As Chris was getting ready to leave and they opened the door this psychopath pushed his way in. He started to rant and rave and my son (so non-violent) tried telling him they had just met and were just hanging out, that nothing had happened. He was trying to calm the situation down.

Neither Chris, nor this young lady saw he had a knife in his hand. As he was ranting and raving at my son this poor girl tried to call 911, but this murderer ripped the phone out of the wall. He then proceeded to stab her in the neck with such force it bent the blade on the knife leaving her till this day partially paralyzed.

My son, Chris could have left, but he tried to protect her from anymore harm. He would never leave anyone in trouble. The next thing she remembers is this murderer saying, "you made me kill my girl" and taking a step towards Chris before she went unconcious. Of course, men who abuse women never take responsibility for what they do it is always something or someone else's fault.

There must have been a struggle and my son was stabbed in a muscle in his neck area, which would not have killed him. It was being pushed out of a fifth floor window. My poor son died alone in some alley in a pool of blood at 3:50 a.m, November 7, 2003. This young lady is full of guilt and remorse and tells me all that time how sorry she is and that Chris was her angel and saved her from anymore harm. She still wishes it were her and not Chris that was killed. She will face this murderer in court this coming November, and help put him away. We hope for a very long time.

This murderer was also an illegal immigrant and should never have been on American soil, but that's the INS for you.

I cannot tell you the devasting effect my son Chris' death had not only on me and his sister Daniele, his grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends who were like family to him. But this murderer also took away a future I know Chris, Danielle and Ariana would have had. They were meant to be together and she suffers as much as we do for the family they could have had. In many eyes my son died a hero, but for me and everyone else who loved Chris we only know the pain not having him here has caused us. Our lives were forever changed on November 7, 2003.

I can not work, sleep or even leave the house and I constantly worry about Daniele. I must call her a thousand times a day. My son was a beautiful soul who did not deserve to die in such a horrific way and as long as I live, I will never get that sight out of my mind.

We bring our children into this world and try to protect them and keep them safe and then evil enters their world and decides they do not deserve to live.

Since his death, every weekend, every holiday, I go to the cemetery to visit my son. Chris' birthday is coming up soon, and from now on this is where I will be on his birthday. He is buried with his dad, which should have been my resting place. I would give anything to be able to change places with Chris. He had his whole life ahead of him.

No parent should ever have to bury a child no matter how old or young they are. I never knew what my mother-in-law went through when Chris' dad died. Unfortunately, for me, I now know and wish to God I never did. She has been a source of strength for me and she is the only one I can talk to who understands exactly how I feel. I thank God everyday for her friendship.

My son will forever be 23. No marriage for him, no children of his own, no uncle to his sisterís children, but this murderer is still breathing. He is being held without bail in Rikers and I hope everyday someone does horrible things to him and when they do, I hope he sees my sonís face. I would never wish harm on anyone, but I wish him evil things all the time.

I never thought that I would ever go onto my computer and log onto sites where moms have lost their children to murder. YOU ALWAYS THINK IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO YOU, BUT I'M HERE TO TELL YOU IT DOES!!! Everything evil about that monster was everything good and pure about Chris. He will forever be with me, and all who loved him. I will never let him be forgotten.

Once the trial is over I will be lobbying to change the law that if an illegal immigrant sneaks into our country and commits such heinous crimes such as murder he or she should not be entitled to the same rights as tax paying American Citizens. I am also going to start a Domestic Violence Foundation in Chris' name and will speak at high schools and colleges to educate the students of the horrific aftermaths that these animals that abuse people leave behind. Please go to the For The Love of Chris Page and at the bottom you will see a link for Crime Victims of Illegal Immigrants and read that. After they commit terrible crimes such as rape and murder instead of being deported after their sentence is up like their supposed to, they are let back on our streets and most of them are repeat offenders. I can promise everyone I will make sure the day Chris' murderer's sentence is up he will be deported because I will make sure I'm at every parole hearing and reminding them that he is illegal in this country and is supposed to be deported the day he walks out of jail. Time to close the borders! Charity starts at home.

I love you Chris. Mommy

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