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Ask Samantha@ angelfire!

Why should you confide in me?.

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I guess you guys are wondering what this is about. Well, people always come to me for advice so I decided that I was going to help others to. You can IM me on aim at AskSamantha5 or if I'm not on e-mail me at Don't give me your name or anything because it will be totally secret sign it by how you feel like Confusedguy or StressedoutSis. I'll keep you guys posted on problems. That's why I don't want your names because when I post them they'll be signed like Confusedguy or StressedoutSis. Thanks. Samantha! Dear Samantha, I have the most annoying family in the world, and I can never get any privacy. What should I do? Annoyedbabe Dear Annoyedbabe, I know how no privacy feels, I like to take walks a find places where I can sit and be alone. Maybe you should walk around the neighborhood with a good book or a cd player with a blanket and a magazine in a bag. This way if you find a good spot to be alone in you can lay the blanket down and listen to your cd player and read your magazine. Samantha