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The Original

First Photoshop

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Program Links

DVD Profiler
DVD Profiler has a free program where you can only input about 50 dvds
DVD Profiler real program is $29.95.
Outstanding database of DVD's all you have to do is enter the upc code or title.
CCleaner is Perfect for cleaning out unwanted cookies left by sites.
CCleaner has a program for cleaning up your registry too.
CCleaner is free but the ask for a donation
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is for killing those nasty trojan horse and viruses that infect your computer
This is the free version that works perfectly fine but if you prefer real time protection its $24.95
DIVX Player
One of the best media players available with a excellent codec that everyone certainly needs.
Cole2k Media - Codec Pack V7.2.0 Standard
If you are having any trouble playing any dvd or any type of video on your computer install this Codec pack to take care of that.

Favorite Links

Penny Cave
An Auction site where you could win a plasma tv for as low as $10.98
oh yea you read that right but there is a catch.
WachDoo(American Underground)
Interesting Alternative News Blog site
The Daily Show
One Click away from clips of Jon Stewart
No introduction needed
World Wrestling Entertainment
Great music player were you select the mood and time frame.
Free with the option to buy.
Coming Soon
All the latest and greatest to come out of Hollywood.
All the latest and greatest to come from Television Land
OV Guide
The hub for all online streaming anything from tv shows to movies

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