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Banshee here was created using a ML Bullseye figure. The arms are from a ML Blade. The feet came from a ML Angel. The head was a revamped Hasbro Banshee and the fabric part was also from the Hasbro figure. The collar piece came from a ML longshot.

Thunderbird Version 3

Thunderbird was made once again from a ML Power Man. The head is a DCSH Superman with sculpted mask, hair and head band. Both hands are from an unknown source of figure, they were just something in my hand fodder box. The tassels are made from imitation leather.
Wolverine Version 5
Wolverine here was made from a ToyBiz line just before they started doing the MARVEL LEGENDS line. Really the only things that were done to him was I shaved down his ears on his cowl, sculpted new shoulder pads and the belt on him and re-did his claws.
          Red Skull - Old Man Logan
Red Skull (as seen in the Old Man Logan story line.) was made from DCUC Black Manta body. The head was from a MARVEL LEGENDS FO Red Skull figure. The mask was sculpted over the original head. Gun, holster, ammo pack and trench coat all came from various MARVEL LEGENDS figures. The trench coat can be removed to reveal the Red Skull in Bucky's suit with minor battle damage.
               Snake Eyes Version 3
Snake Eyes was made combining a DCUC Killer Moth upper body and a Hasbro ML Ultimate Nick Fury lower body and hands. The ammo pouches and weapons came from various sources. The head was a DCUC Killer Moth that was totally sculpted over.
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