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Blue Devil
Blue Devil was made from a DCUC Green Lantern. Horns, facial hair, forearm and calve cuffs were sculpted. The collar is from a ML Power Man. The trident is a combo of parts from DCUC Black Manta and DCUC Terminator. Ear ring is a link from a chain.

Robot Man

Robot Man was made from a DCUC Green lantern from the Toys R Us two pack. Forehead, jaw, wrist, ankle and chest locator were all sculpted. The locator straps are made from imitation leather.

Negative Man

Negative Man was made from a DCUC Captain Atom. The head is from a DCD Hush figure that has had the mouth sculpted over. The hands were swapped and sculpted as well.


Elasti-Girl was made from a DCUC Wonder Woman. The bandana, hair, glove cuffs, belt and skirt were all sculpted.

Dr. Niles Caulder

Dr. Niles Caulder was made from a ML Professor X. The hair, beard and mustache were all sculpted and certain parts of the wheel chair were sculpted as well to change it's appearance.

The Doom Patrol

(Customs of the Year for 2009 at the Doosh.)

This is a group shot of the four original team members of the Doom Patrol.

GL Kyle Rayner Version 2

Kyle Rayner Version 2 was made from a DCUC Captain Atom. The head was a DC HUSH Nightwing. The hair and mask were sculpted. The only difference on this version is the hair style and I added a lantern.

GL John Stewart Version 2

This version of John Stewart was made from a DCUC Captain Atom, unlike my first version which was made from a DCSH Superman. The head was a DCSH Lex Luthor with sculpted hair. As far as the only difference on this one is that I added a lantern.

Batman Reborn

With Dick Grayson now wearing the mantel of the Batman, I thought I would do a now and then set with Dick Grayson. Dick is seen here in his version of the Batman costume he wears in Batman Reborn. He was made using a DCUC Batman body and cape. The head is a DCUC Nightwing that has been sculpted over. His belt and gauntlets were sculpted as well.

Robin the Boy Wonder

This is a now and then shot of Dick Grayson. Starts as Robin the Boy Wonder to his current status of Batman the Dark Night!
Robin the Boy Wonder here was made from a DCUC Robin and modified cape. The front portion of the hair, mask, shirt bottom, belt, shoulder cuffs, gauntlets and the tops of the shoes were all sculpted. The hands came from a DCD Jericho figure.
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