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Welcome to my main customs page. With the links provided at the left hand side, you can view my customs from the past to the present. There are literally hundreds of customs for your viewing pleasure. Every year will consist of three sub-tabs:
  • DC

Every page will consist of no more than 10 - 12 customs depending if I decide to post some "Work in Progress" pictures to show some of the work that can go into some of my customs. Now this time around I have removed the "COMMISSIONS" tab and replaced it with the "ORIGINALS" tab. This was done to show case someone's original creations apart from the regular stuff! So now all commissions will be put into the MARVEL or DC category's. So by doing this all commissions will be labeled in the figures title with a green font. Also, not like I enter many contests but, from time to time it happens. So any of my customs that are contest winners will have its description done in a red colored font.

Now as far as my commissions go, this is just some general information to any potential customer inquiring about commissioning me to do a custom for them:

I'm currently "NOT" accepting any commissions at this time, unless if it's something that I can easily fit into what I'm doing, it will be put in queue at the back of the line.

Please limit yourself to two choices.  This is because if I can not do the first choice, it gives you a back up to go to. If I feel at the time I can do both, I will let you know.

Unless I have quoted you a specific price, "ALL" my customs start off at a base price of $60US. The price will increase if I need to purchase specific fodder or items which I do not have in my possession. If a customs design changes to the point that, more stuff is needed to be added as in parts or sculpting, the price tag must be re-negotiated. I can not and nor will I not, do a custom that has been changed in a way that more is needed and keep it at the original price as discussed. Sometimes from time to time I will take loose fodder as partial payment if I find I'm running low. Also to all potential buyers, the quoted price for the custom does not include postage.

Payment: All customs (Unless it has been discussed with me and approved.), must be made via Paypal. All payments can be made to me using the following id at Paypal, Now you can either request an invoice from me or you can just make your way to Paypal and make a payment with out a invoice.

Postage: I have to make sure that not only the buyer is protected but, myself as well. All my customs go out by Express Post only. Now depending on  your location in the world it can take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days. Express Post comes with $100 insurance. The buyer can get additional insurance by requesting it and it costs $1.50 for every $100 coverage after the initial $100. If you don't request it your item or items will only be covered up to $100! I have never had to use this but, if a customer would like me to check off the box that requests a signature from the recipient, that is another option that is available at no charge.

Express Post:

  • Canada - Email me for quote.
  • United States - $25 and up depending on location and weight.
  • International - $50 and up depending on location and weight.

I hope all the information here helps you out and if further questions are need you can contact me at So enjoy your stay and try not to get lost within the many pages of customs that you can view here in my site!!!

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