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Moving from 2011 to 2012 has been very tuff. I'm still struggling to complete two commissions from the last year or so that has taken its toll on me!! But they will be completed ASAP!!!!
What exactly will be on my table this year? As I slowly move forward I will be trying to get stuff done to go onto eBay that will include some plans for a few collect and connect figures from the DC universe and some MARVEL stuff.
As far as the MARVEL side of things, I'm not overly impressed with the relaunch of the MARVEL LEGENDS line. Something that I have noticed is that the figures scale to scale to one another is a total abomination. You have a MARVEL SELECT Thor for instance that stands as tall as Terrax but, then your Ironman looks like a baby compared to the two. Heads are to big for the bodies or the figures are just to small! So I plan to jump back into the MARVEL LEGENDS arena soon!!! I will be still hitting the DCU hard with wanted charaters to finish off people's DCUC's collections!!!!!!
I still have a few on my table and with requests still coming in on a weekly basis with me having to turn some down due to what I have and what I want to do personally with my customs. Also starting in 2013 I will only be taking 4 - 6 commissions per month. That way it leaves me time to take on and complete commissions and still leaving me time to do stuff for eBay!!
All 2012 customs can only be viewed from this page only for the exception of the photo bucket slide show on my homepage! Enjoy this years customs brought to you by me, M1! 
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