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Moving from 2010 to 2011 has been very tuff. Being on the negotiating committee for a new contract for the company I work for has made it a struggle for me to complete and take new commissions on. Still struggling to complete two commissions from last summer has taken its toll on me!! But they will be completed ASAP!!!!
What exactly will be on my table this year? As I slowly move forward I will be trying to get stuff done to go onto eBay that will include some plans for a few collect and connect figures from the DC universe.
As far as the MARVEL side of things, I do plan on doing a few characters here and there but, as Mattel has decided to revamp the DC UNIVERSE CLASSICS line and start over with a new line in 2012, I will be hitting the DCU hard with wanted charaters to finish off people's DCUC's collections!!!!!!
As far as commissions go, if you have already contacted me via email, those will be completed as I do have enough now to carry me into January of next year! Also starting in 2012 I will only be taking 4 - 6 commissions per month. That way it leaves me time to take on and complete commissions and still leaving me time to do stuff for eBay!!
All 2011 customs can only be viewed from this page only for the exception of the photo bucket slide show on my homepage! Enjoy this years customs brought to you by me, M1! 
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