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Well 2010 will be a very exciting year for me as customs go! I have lots of plans for characters from both MARVEL and DC. I'm sure that there will also be a few original creations as well.
What exactly will be on my table this year? Well on the DC side of things and with Blackest Night coming to an end here very soon, it will be followed by Brightest Day, so expect custom from both sides of the line. Also I would like to expand on the JSA, JLA, Teen Titans and a few other groups! I also have some big plans for a few collect and connect figures from the DC universe.
As far as the MARVEL side of things, I'm going to try and venture out using DC Universe  Classics figures to try and bring a few MARVEL characters to life. I'm looking at possibly doing an Iron Man armory set, original X-Men and a few single characters.
Also like always commissions are taking up a huge part of my time and I'm still catching up from last years stuff with new requests coming weekly. So to anyone out there that has their stuff put in line to be done, just give me time as they will all be completed soon!
All 2010 customs can only be viewed from this page only for the exception of the photo bucket slide show on my homepage! Enjoy this years customs brought to you by me, M1! 
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