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                             Commission Information

I'm currently "NOT" accepting any commissions at this time, but you are welcome to read the following guide lines as far as commissioning me to do a custom piece for you in the near future:


   I have now started to do monthly customs for people who

   have asked me if it is possible. As these are on a time frame, they

   will be done before any other custom! If you would like to be

   added to my list, please email me to discuss it!


   Please limit yourself to 1 choice! If I feel that I can take on more

   than 1 custom, I will let you know at the time of contact!


   Unless I have emailed you and quoted a certain price to you, all of

   my customs will start off at $60. This price might increase   

   depending on the difficulty and if special fodder is needed to

   be purchased to complete it. This price does not include postage!


   Payment for all commissions will be by PayPal only! There are no

   exceptions to this. I will expect 1/2 payment when all the details

   pertaining to your custom has been finalized. The other 1/2 of

   payment plus postage will be due when customs has been complete!


   Postage, I don't know why there is such a huge difference in price

   between Canada and the US, but there is! I have to make sure that

   not only am I covered, but the buyer as well. Express Post has

   everything! If postage has been over paid by the buyer, the difference

   will be refunded back to the buyer!


   Express Post:

      Canada - email for price.

      United States - $19.00 to $25.00 (Depending on weight.)

      International - $50.00 (This is a starting price only!) 

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