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Green Lantern Guy Gardner Version 3

This is my second version of Guy Gardner. He was made from a DCUC Black Manta. This time around though I had to sculpt the jacket collar and I tried to get a little more accurate on the gloves. The head was a DCUC Commander Steel. The hair was sculpted and the ears came from an unknown figure.

Composite Superman Version 3

This 3rd version of Composite Superman was made from a DCUC Superman. The head was supplied from Dead Man Castings who actually revamped the long haired version from the DCUC line. The batman head side was sculpted as well as the chest emblem, belt and the tip of the Batman's boot.

         Batman Reborn Versions 2-3

Dick Grayson's Batman Reborn custom did great for me on ebay, which in turn sparked 3 commissions of him. these are two of the three. The same recipe was used for all versions of this custom.

Rage Version 2

Tom's collection of customs done by me keeps growing and growing! This second version of this character was created using a Hasbro ML Doc Samson. The boot clasps were sculpted and the pouch was added to his leg using apoxie sculpt. The vest came from a TNA Wrestler and the head was a DCUC Mr. Terrific.

Storm - Punk Rocker Outfit

Storm here was made from a ToyBiz ML Wasp figure. The straps and belts were sculpted. The hair came from a Hasbro ML Ares helmet and the vest came from a Buffy the Vampire Slayer figure.

  Batman Reborn Version 4

As for this version of Dick Grayson's Batman Reborn outfit, the recipe is the same as all the others which can be found in with the version 1 description of this custom.

  Robin - Dick Grayson


Robin here is done the exact same way as my version 2 of him for the exception of the hands and arms. They came from a DCUC Kid Flash.

Hour Man

Hour man was made from DCUC Black Suit Superman. The boot tops, gloves and back hand covers were sculpted. The head, cape and hour glass came from the DCD version of this figure. The bottom part of the head was cut out and a bottom portion of a DCUC Superman head was put in its place to actually look like it was a DCUC size head.

Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle was made using a DCUC Sinestro figure. The only parts used from the DCD figure were from the elbows down, the head and the pinchers on his back. the rest of BB's body armor was sculpted.

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