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   The Original Vigilante


The Original Vigilante was made from a DCUC Captain Cold. The head was a DCSH Superman, the hands and lower legs were from a MGS Revolver Ocelot. The hat, mask and shirt flap were all sculpted. The guns were from a DCUC Vigilante. The holsters were from a Hasbro ML Union Jack. The lasso was two DCUC Wonder Woman's lasso's combined.

Composite Superman Version 2

This 2nd version of Composite Superman was made from a DCSH Superman. The head was supplied from Dead Man Castings who actually revamped the long haired version from the DCUC line. The batman head side was sculpted as well as the chest emblem, belt and the tip of the Batman's side boot.

Rachel Summers - Nudity


Rachel Summers was made from a ML Psylocke with the head from a ML (Hasbro) Rachel Summers. The straps on her boots and the upper part of her costume as well as the arms were all sculpted. Notice the missing part from the top of her costume, that was a request from the buyer.

                     Vulcan Version 2


Vulcan here was made from a ML Doctor Doom and cape. The head is a DCD Bruce Wayne head from the Secret Identity figure. For the exception of the hands which came from a DCUC Killer Moth and the bare parts on the arms and legs, this figure was all sculpted!

                          Cosmic Boy


Cosmic Boy here was made from a DCUC Captain Atom. The head is from a secret identity DCD Batman. The forearm gauntlets, leg cuffs, mid section belt, white circles and front portion of his hair were all sculpted.

                  Geo-Force Version 3


Geo-Force was made from a DCUC Blue Superman, like my previous two. His forearm and leg cuffs as well as the belt and the top portion of his mask were all sculpted. As Mattel has Geo-Force in the next pick a character contest to appear in a future wave, I have officially retired this custom unless I decide to do one for myself down the road.



Tempest was made from a DCUC Green Lantern and once again the head is from a DCD Secret Identity Batman. (These heads come in very handy.) The only thing that was sculpted was the hair.



Obsidian was made from a DCUC Mr. Destiny figure. The cape was modified and the only things sculpted were the belt and the circle band on the front of the cape.



Hawk was made using a DCUC Captain Atom. The head was modified and sculpted as well as the top of the boots and the glove tips. The cape was made using imitation leather on the outside and red felt on the inside.




Dove was made using a DCUC Sinestro figure. Once again I used a DCD Secret Identity Bruce Wayne head that was modified and sculpted. The cape was made from imitation leather. A bonus with the cape is that when you move the arms up, the cape spreads out keep in shape with the larger piece on the back and of course I had to show a group shot!

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