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Anti - Venom

Anti Venom here was made from a ML Black Heart figure. His hands are from a WILD C.A.T.S. War Blade figure with some sculpting added to them. His feet tips were sculpted and finally his head was a total head sculpt.






Cosmo was just a plastic dog figurine from a craft store. I wish I had the work in progress pictures for this one as his space suit is a full sculpt including the helmet.

Hal Jordan Red Lantern Version 2


Hal Jordan here was made from a DCUC Green Lantern figure. I did a hand swap with him on the red ring hand and replaced the Green Lantern hand with a hand from a DCUC Blue Superman.




HULK here was made from a ToyBiz World War HULK. Jersey, pant holes and wrist band were all sculpted. The poor flattened football player is a random Todd McFarlane sports figure. The playing field is two Todd McFarlane Football display greens glued and puttied together.

Jessica Rabbit


Jessica Rabbit! This baby was made from a Marvel Select White Queen. The head was from a Tomb Raider figure with a full hair sculpt. The dress was made from that imitation leather.

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner



Kyle here was made from a DCUC Atom figure. I did a hand swap with him and replaced the Atom's hands with hands from a DCUC Red Superman. His head is a resin cast supplied by BAC. It's a Nightwing head from the DCD Batman HUSH line.



Mantis here was made with ML Wasp body. The head was from a ML Kitty Pryde figure. The boots, gloves, shirt and skirt were all sculpted. The bottom part of her costume is imitation leather.

Moon Knight


Moon Knight was made from a ML FO Punisher. His forearms and hands are from a ML angel. His mouth part was sculpted over as well as the crescent moon on his chest and his belt. The ribbing on his forearms and legs are hard plastic rubbers. His cape is from a ML Magneto and his staff is from a DCUC Deathstroke the Terminator.

Super Adaptoid


Super Adaptoid was made from a ML Power Man. The head came from an Iron Man movie figure. The shield is from a ML Patriot figure. The cape is from a DCD Dr. Impossible figure. All the Iron Man, Quasar features were sculpted.

Wrap - Original Creation




Wrap is an " Original Creation ". He was made from a TNA Wrestling figure. This custom is 100% sculpted over the existing figure. Wrap tentacles a are also sculpted. Sword is from a Rambo machete and a Tomb Raider sword combined. There is also a second version of him as well but, I decided to show off the first one only!

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