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Hi, and welcome to another "MARVEL LEGENDS CUSTOM FIGURE" brought to you by M1CUSTOMS!!! I try to find as much as I can for each custom so I can get them as close as they appear in the comics, movies or television shows! I use a variety of supplies to bring the detail and quality that I can do for each custom! So if your looking for that hero or bad guy to complete a team or just to add to your collection........."YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!!!!!"

Next up in my line of customs is a.............(ITEM DESCRIPTION!)......... As usual the base is not included!

"Just a reminder to all potential buyers out there, that this is a custom action figure meant for display purposes only! Even though I do spray them all with a protective dullcote sealer, constant movement of the parts will most likely cause the paint to rub off!"

Now to get down to the rules of my auctions:

#1 - If you have any "NEGATIVE FEEDBACK", please contact me via email before you bid on any of my auctions!

#2 - Payment must be made no later than 7 days after end of auction, unless a longer time frame has been discussed with me! I prefer PayPal but, I will accept a Postal Money Order as well, no other type!! "US buyers: if your paying via postal money order, please make sure it is the PINK one that says international on it!"

#3 -  All prices for postage include everything needed to mail this or any of my auctions out, unless stated other wise!

CANADA - $9.00US    -    USA - $9.00US    -    INTERNATIONAL - $14.00US                        

All auctions will be mailed out either Monday or Thursday! If it's possible I will mail them out earlier!

 #4 - I take great pride in my work and spend lots of hours on these customs! What is pictured is what your bidding on, so if you don't like the way something looks please do not bid! I think my FEEDBACK speaks for it's self! So if your unsure, please feel free to check it out! To my knowledge every buyer has been 100% satisfied!

Thanks for taking the time to look! If you have any questions or need more pictures, feel free to email me at . So in the mean time, BID EARLY, BID LOTS and GOOD LUCK!


**Just a small note to all you fans or collector's out there, I am now doing commissions as well so if you missed out on one of my auctions and are interested, just email me!**