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Tack Box Design (Blue Prints coming soon)

1. Spacious interior with room for: Tackbox (Brushes), Riding Helmet, Gloves, Treats, Spare Clothes, Paddock Boots, Towels/Rags, Flashlight, Chaps, and of course a Cowboy Hat.
2. Empty Weight: Easily moved/carried by (1) person
3. Wheels/casters are still in the conceptual design phase (aka - I haven't figured it out yet...)

External View of the Tackbox
1. Closed

2. Open

The Internal Compartment of the Tackbox will have 4 removeable hatches. The 2 rear hatches have been designed to hold a small pair of boots or a Riding Helmet. The front hatches are smaller and are capable of holding some folded clothing, towels....

View of the Tackbox with the Hatches removed, showing all of the available interior space.

An upclose look at the interior compartments with and without the hatches.

Underside view showing the cross support for the floor.