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Zeno's FFXI webpage

Handle name: Zeno McDohl
PlayOnline email: [private] (Contact Zeno for it)
PlayOnline H-ID: 00-1254470
Zeno got FFXI on 12/25/03
Plan: To become a Ninja
Character name: Xiona
Server: Unicorn
Class: Thief
Level: 7
Kingdom: Windurst
Kingdom rank: 1
Character name: Zenoxio
Server: Shiva
Class: Warrior
Level: 11
Kingdom: Bastok
Kingdom rank: 2

Missions (Zenoxio):
(Coming soon)
  • The Zeruhn Report
  • A Geological Survey
  • Fetichism
  • The Crystal Line
  • Wading Beasts
    Quests (Zenoxio):
    (Coming soon)
  • The Siren's Tear
  • Welcome To Bastok
  • Hearts of Mythril
  • Mom, the Adventurer
  • Groceries
  • Beauty and the Galka

    I moved my FFXI screenshots and FFXI awards to a new page. Click here for my screenshots/awards.

    Zeno's computer specs:

  • Windows XP, Home Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 1
  • Dell computer
  • Intel Pentium 4
  • 1.59Ghz
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 37.2 GB Harddrive
  • NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440
  • Cable internet connection (ISP: Roadrunner)

    (Zeno is only on the computer that has FFXI every Monday, Tuesday, and every other weekend.)

    Contacting Zeno:
    AIM: RebirthSephiroth
    Head on over to Zeno's message board if you want to post topics.

    Zeno has gotten a controller for FFXI! Here it is:
    Click here for the image

    Offical FFXI webpage

    -Last updated 4/3/04