Title: The End

Author: Elandae

Pairing: Boromir/Faramir

Rating: G

Disclaimer: They belong to Tolkien, Iím just borrowing them for a wee while.

Authorís Notes: Written as a reaction to this pic: http://www.canterburyelf.com/Seek_for_the_Sword.jpg cause itís so lovely and it make me think of this.


The air stood still, waiting breathlessly for goodbye.


The sounds of battle echoed still, sounds of swords against shields, armor, flesh.


He held his brotherís hand in his own, a simple touch. How he wished to pull his brother to him, hold him tight, whisper that he would not let them be parted, not this day. Not ever.


He reluctantly relinquished his hold on his brother, his skin memorizing the warmth, knowing somewhere deep inside that he would never lay eyes upon his brother again.


This was the end.


They turned to leave in mirrored motions. Neither dared look back.