Title: He Is Gone

Author: Elandae (j_3101@yahoo.ca)

Pairing: Boromir/Faramir

Rating: G

Warnings: deathfic.

Feedback: Always welcome!

Author’s Notes Inspired by the lyrics to “Thief” by Our Lady Peace.


There is a shadow in his eyes that time cannot hide. The truth comes inevitably towards him, with no thought to his safety, to his heart. It does not heed his pleas, his cries, but pulls him ever closer to its dark breast. It will not relinquish its hold upon him. He fights to hold himself back, to retain some small light of hope, but he cannot. Each morning that passes, a little more of him slips away. Always there is less of him to be had; each moment ticks softly away, careless of what it does not hold. He sees it coming, feels it happen.

The morning dawn brings the news he has waited for so long.

Boromir has passed.

His eyes are desolate; no hint of what he was in their depths any longer.

He is gone, never more shall he grace anywhere but another’s thoughts.

If he is gone, all is lost.

He is gone.