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Hey guys whats up? Well I just wanted to say that I love my class of 2003 guys. Your the best. I'm going to miss a lot of you guys. Sorry Jefferson you not one of them. I'm just kidding you are. Anyways my name is Alishia ANN Ferguson. I'm 16 years old I live in Norman Oklahoma. I go to Norman High school go tigers. HEHE I attend First Southern Baptist church of Del City. I love to hang out with my friends. Most of them are guys I have a few that are girls but just a few. Shauntel Rader is my bestest friend in da world. That girl knows me the best she rocks. even though we bug each other some times that just being friends. Now my guy friends are the coolest ever. Chris and Grant. hehe they crack me up Grant using his gay voice to make me laugh hehe i gotta love that. Chris always caring no matter what is going on. He is the coolest guy i know. He has been there for me for so much stuff. Chris I love ya babe. At school ya lol school hehe anyways I love football and I'm a trainer this year so I can be more into football hello going to be on da side lines cant get any better unless they would let me go play football. Its okay. Anyways I'm very not into my school I wish I went to Del City but then again I could never give up the life I have at my school. its the best. anyways ya this is all im gonna say for now cause i have to go talk to Sasha cause she is in urkaine where she lives im soooo sad i miss her she was the coolest girl i hung out with i miss her sooo much.