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Welcome to the VTU site -- the site designed to help future computer wizards appearing for VTU lab exams. This site provides you with the source code of all vtu lab programs and vtu  projects !!

    This website lists the Projects ,mini-projects and lab programs related to VTU engineers undertaken by me and my pals as part of syllabus of B.E Computer Science or B.E information science as prescribed by VTU.



These programs were developed as part of the curriculum of sixth semester bachelor of engineering course of Visweswaraiah Technological University (VTU), Karnataka, India.



Assembly Language Prog. (VI sem E&C) Sandesh
Oracle SQL Commands
 C Graphic Programs Sandesh






  R H Factor

This is a Graphics editor ( A MS Paint clone ) for DOS. It was designed as per syllabus prescribed by VTU for completion of VI Semester. It is completely coded in C++ with elegant Object Oriented Design. It has the following features. It was made to resemble MS Paint bundled with Windows XP :

The project requires fastgraph graphics library. It can be downloaded from It is extremely powerful library and allows 256 color mode in DOS. It is far more versatile than TC++ Standard BGI interface.


                      Contributed by Rajesh     

                                                                                                                               ----->            [Download]


   This program tries to simulate particles under the effect of gravity in two dimensions. I coded this because It is just so much fun to watch It run. It has a object oriented design.

An incremental algorithm would suffice the needs of the project but .. Ahem ... I was too lazy to do the extra coding ;). Anyway it is fun to watch ( Have a look and you will agree with me ) and is light on resources.

I have coded and tested this exclusively on Turbo C++ ( yeah .. I know it is outdated and all that ... huh ... ). It was great fun doing this project. Or should I say micro/nano project :)


                    Contributed by Rajesh       

                                                                                                                                   ---->       [Download]



Banna is a user-friendly 2D graphics editor. It provides most of the features of a 2D graphics editor. It is written in C++ and it has been designed using generic Object Orient Programming methods. Though much of the code is specifically meant for the graphic editor application some useful programming idioms have been used to help software reuse.

Tips on how to compile the code :
                    Contributed by  Rajashekhar M.A, Pavan V.A
                                                                                                                               --->            [Download]


Kala is a graphics editor for DOS. It was designed as a project for the 6th semester Computer Graphics Lab.
    Kala is a graphics editor we developed as a project for the Computer Graphics Lab. Kala runs in the egavga graphics mode and supports a resolution of 640 x 480.

We used Turbo C++ 3.0 with the inbuilt graphics support to develop it. The design of the editor is similar to that of MS Paint. The canvas is manipulated using the mouse.

                    Contributed by  Ashwin
                                                                                                                               --->            [Download]


[dPaint Screenshot]dPaint is a graphics package written for the DOS environment. It is written in C++. Its looks resemble M$ Paint. It is of absolutely no use if you aren't looking for a CG project for your VTU CG Lab!


                    Contributed by  Jaidev
                                                                                                                               --->            [Download]



    Face Recognition using Neural Networks

        This was a project is a part of a Biometric security system. It can be given a face in real time and it tries to match the given face to a face in the database. It was done in a 3 people team of which I was a member. It used neural networks for the pattern matching. It used Win32 API to create front-end, TWAIN framework to acquire images from a digital camera. It was coded completely in C++. You can download the windows installer of the project sans the source code. The installer is 3.77MB.

                         Contributed by Rajesh

                                                                                                                               ----->               [Download]


    If you are a VTU student I request you to contribute to the site for the benefit of all VTU students. Your project shall be listed here with due credits. You need to send your project in zipped format with a small description of the project to this address 

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