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I dedicate this web Site to my friends and collegues I have met or live with during my vist to Japan and during my stay in Korea.I have travelled a long way to reach the level where I am now.Life has always been full of ups and downs for me.But I owe so many gratitudes to those people who have always been ready to render a helping hand to me.I have met bad and good people on the way,but I'll certainly never forget these friends.May the Almighty God bless them wherever they are and in all their undertakings.I just want to let you know that I love you and i'll never forget you in my life. My special thanks go to Professor Ou of Dankook University who has really been helping since I met him in Korea.Life in Korea is not easy especially for foreigners.However,meeting people like Professor Ou has been an advantage for me to understand Korea from a different perspective.Professor Ou introduced me to yet another good friend,Mr Song. Yes,Mr Song has always been and still is very good and helpful to me.Being a prominent business man,he has always been encouraging me to develop a burning desire for business entrepreneurship.So many thanks to him indeed for instilling business ambition into my blood. Lastly,but not least,I would like to convey very special thanks to Kim Min Kyung.As already stated above,life in Korea can be very stressful for foreigners.However,I don't know where my life would be without this woman.She has helped me alot.Today,I wouldn't be in a position to have full access to the internet and set up this Web Site if it were not for her.She's a very wonderful young lady,very different from an ordinary Korean.
No man is an island.Definitely we need friends and I'm not an exception.Having friends has alot of meaning.I like mixing with people of diffrent interests,race,religious background,income level,educational background,etc.Yes,I hang out with friends in night clubs,bars,fast-food restaurants,parks,etc.I also like to do the following:playing tenis,swimming,reading books,watching Tv,taking photographs,listening to music and travelling .
In this Web Site,I have included a page for speciaI friends like Tanaka Eiko and Kim Min Kyung.I have also included pictures I took with different people during my travel to Japan.You can view this on the "My Japan Visit"page.More information will be added later as this is just the beginning.