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How to Kill Adobe Home Call

Anyhow as many of you probably know, Adobe products have a built in "home call" to the Adobe central sending information about your computer and serial thus enabling to check whether you use w@rez version or not, etc..
So if you have any Adobe-s installed that you .. krhm..did not "organise" for yourself the normal way, then remove the followings:

Open up your System Hard Drive;
Open up the System Folder;
Open up the Application Support Folder;
Open up the Adobe Folder;
Open up the Web Folder;

Delete the following files:
* AdobeOnline Inventory
* Adoberegistrationenu.html
*AOM (this may actually be running as an invisible file)

and also check here...C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\

Removing these files will not influence the operation of your Adobe-s. I deleted too, not problems at all. WISE to do this. But if you don't want to, well, then the risk stays yours.