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The past event that just happened was our annual scout camp.We went to a scout camp called Holcomb Valley Scout Ranch and it was fun. The first day we signed in and got ourselves used to the camp and did our started our merit badges. Then that night the staff did a little campfire with their own skits and their own songs. Tuesday we had our merit badge classes as usuall and then that night we had a scout master moment where the scout master told the troop a story or give us advice. Wednsday we did the usuall routine and then our parents had the chance to come and see their sons at scout camp and what they were up to. That night we had ghost stories which were not that scar, but one of the stories mad a boy so scared he did not want to sleep alone. The next day we did the same thing as before and that night was the scout masters moment which we did nothing for it. We also did a water polo game for the people who wanted to play water polo (which is not like volleyball) and we played and we won the only troop that signed up to play. Friday we finished up our merit badges and then after lunch we had a big water polo game where we played the staff. We lost to them 13 to 7, but we played hard. Then we had a Wild West Round up where the troops of the camp went to different areas around camp testing the troops ability in other activities. Then that night we had a closing campfire where the troops did their own skits or songs. Then on Saturday we came home and I am sure that a lot of the boys just wanted their own beds back and to sleep. The troop earned over Fifty merit badges in all together. There was fourteen boys there and they did great. So now we look forward to the next camp next year.