Welcome to the Totally Love Horses Guild Website!

To be a member of this website you must be a member of the Totally Love Horses guild at neopets (www.neopets.com). If you go there look me up! My username is ekpiscute. Now, on with the guild!

Hey! Thanks to all the people at neopets who helped make this guild possible! Its been awesome for me! I hope you all like this website, hopefully I'll learn more as our guild continues to grow. Well, ON WITH THE GUILD!

Totally Love Horses guild adoption barn!

Ok, we're not going to be making the barns because it isn't working. I've tried to set it up, but something keeps getting messed up, but that's ok, we still have our adoption barn!! Adopt your horses today, so far lilybabson is the only one who has adopted!

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