Adopt Your Own Virtual Horse!(Keep in mind this isn't a REAL adoption) More horses on the way!

Neomail ekpiscute with the name of the horse you wish to adopt and how many hp(horsey points) they cost.
Name: Roxy
Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Age: 4
Gender: Mare
Abilities: trainable
Cost: 50hp

Name: Buttercup
Breed: Arabian
Age: 7
Gender: Mare
Abilities: Equitation, dressage, and jumping.
Cost: 100hp

Name: Buddy
Breed: Quarter Horse
Age: 5
Gender: Stallion
Abilities: western pleasure.
Cost: 50hp

Name: Showstopper Royal
Breed: Saddlebred
Age: 8
Gender: Stallion
Abilities: Equitation, anything ridden saddleseat.
Cost: 150 hp.

Name: Thunder
Breed: Foxtrotter
Age: 7
Gender: Stallion
Abilities: Equitation
Cost: 70 hp.

Name: Chance
Breed: Paint
Age: 4
Gender: Mare
Abilities: Western pleasure
Cost: 100 hp.

Name: Lacey
Breed: Morgan
Age: 9
Gender: Mare
Abilities: Anything ridden Saddleseat
Cost: 90 hp.
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