TJ's links

American Indian languages
Computer Role Playing Games
Charisma Creep Quiz, a silly online quiz not quite up to memehood
Native American Names, but only for pets
Atikamekw (Atikamek Nation, Attikamek Cree, Atikameks, Attikameks)
Bering Straight (Bering Strait) -- Orrin's essay why Indians get so po'd about this
American Indian Books (First Nations authors, Native American poetry) -- a partial reading list
Native American Cultures -- a list of eastern Native tribes
Native American Tribes -- alphabetical index
Amerindian Linguistics -- language families and other info
Loup -- languages nobody speaks anymore
Maliseet-Passamaquoddy-Maliseet language dictionary
Cherokee Indigenous People of North America
Miami Indians of Ohio (Miami Indian tribe, Maumee)
Le Montagnais Indians (Innu photos, Indiens Montagnais Indian scapulamancy)
Naskapi (Naskaupi, Naskapis)
Cherokee Princess -- why your great-grandma wasn't one
American Indian Religion -- how not to learn about it
Reviving Indian Languages -- it can be done! Look at Hebrew!
Wabanaki language (Wobanaki camp Wabanaki Indian, Glousgap Wabanakis)
Algonquian family of languages
Pocahontas tribe
Pilgrims and Wampanoag
Delaware history (Walam Olum, Lenni Lenape nation, Delaware Indian history, Delawares)
Algonquin Indians (Illinois Algonquin Indian history, Algonquins, Maine Algonquin history)
Y-Indian Guides -- looks like the Y discontinued this program?
Throne of Bhaal area guide -- expansion of Balder's Gate 2
Arcanum walkthrough -- only through Caladon, I got sick of the sexism and quit playing
Star Trail -- classic old German game, blast from the past
Tribal tattoo page
Female Native American name page
Indian words in English vocabulary
Free Native American genealogy search
Native American Indian Art (Cherokee baskets, dreamcatcher pictures, Indian clothes, Native American blanket, Native American beading, Indian jewelry, Native American Indian pottery, Native paintings, Native greeting cards, Indian moccasins, quilling craft, possible bags, Southwest wool rugs, Indian sculptures, Native American peace pipe, Native American mask, Native American drum, totem pole pictures, Native American medicinal herbs, Native American kachina doll, and other Indian dolls)